What employees and employers have to say about Crown Personnel.


In Our Candidates’ Words

Crown Personnel is a great staffing company to work for. The staff is very helpful, professional, respectful, and have always done a tremendous job with helping me find work that matches my skills and availability. Whether short or long-term, they’re always there and ready to get me going when I need(ed) them. You guys are absolutely the best! Thank you so much for your help. Job well done.

Errin B.

Having experienced assignments with staffing agencies during 1970s – 80s + 2000s in Colorado, Mississippi, and Ohio I can comment on which ones work and those that don’t. The jewels of Crown Personnel Services, Inc. are real! Been with them since 2013 and highly endorse based on communication, placement commensurate with skills, salary, and genuine interest in their employees.

Terri D.

In Our Clients’ Words

Crown Services has been a consistent partner in providing us extra man/woman power for almost 30 years. Over that time, we have directly hired a number of long-term people, including one in particular that came to us in 1991 and is still on the job today! We have on occasion worked with other agencies, but those successes have been few. I want to personally thank Christina and Colette, as well as the rest of the Crown Personnel team, for understanding our needs and working diligently to find those rare individuals willing to work crazy schedules, in a variety of environments, for undetermined periods of time.

Christopher A.

We have been using Crown Personnel for our office staffing for 25 years. They are always very professional and provide a personal touch that most staffing agencies do not have. They have a desire to learn your work environment and to meet the needs not only in the skills you are looking for but also for the person that will be a good fit for our team. Crown Personnel goes above and beyond meeting our expectations every time we need someone for our office.

Vicki H.

The services provided by Crown Personnel allow us to serve our clients day to day. Crown Personnel provide us with the ability to offer clean and safe apartments for our clients. I have seen the greatest compassion from all of the staff at Crown Personnel Services. Adela and Christina have always been there to assist with anything our agency has needed. I value and appreciate that partnership between our agencies very much and am grateful for the work provided by everyone at Crown Personnel Services.

Travis M.

Crown Personnel goes above and beyond expectation in meeting our goals as a company and finding the best candidates to fit our needs of growth within the company. The staff are friendly and caring, and the daily feedback and support in my experience is what sets them apart.

Aaron P.